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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Why And How To Choose The Right MLM Company

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Why Do We Need To Choose The Right MLM Company?

Choosing one of the Top MLM Companies is one of the first steps in creating a successful home based business. Unfortunately, there are so many “Top MLM Companies” to choose from. Not a week goes by that I don’t hear about the next great business opportunity, and to be honest it’s very difficult to stay focused and build a solid network marketing business from all the chatter that’s out there in the marketplace.

However, Is the company really not a factor for your success? You might have the skills, you are good in recruiting people, but the company you are into has flaws, then, your efforts will be wasted. Imagine, your group grows big, but your company went bankrupt because of a flawed compensation plan, what will happen to you? No matter how good you are, you must also be in the right company so that your good skills are not wasted. a successful home based business. Unfortunately, there are so many “Top MLM Companies” to choose from. Not a week goes by that I don’t hear about the next great business opportunity, and to be honest it’s very difficult to stay focused and build a solid network marketing business from all the chatter that’s out there in the marketplace.

If you are entering a network marketing business, choose a stable company, pro-distributor and with a stable compensation plan. Why will you waste your time in a stable company that is not pro-distributor? Where your earnings are not growing fast? Despite getting so many downlines, you are not getting paid enough. And if you stop for a month for some unavoidable reasons, you get penalized, your points go back to zero and you get demoted. Why waste your time on these companies?

You might be earning well, but there are companies with unstable compensation plan. They might be able to pay you these days, but if the network grows big, the company could lead to overpaying their distributors and become bankrupt. When you go to the office, you will see a “closed permanently” sign. It happens all the time. That’s why there are so many people who are already negative in networking.

I’m not against the idea that your success still depends on you. But before you join a company, I suggest you study it first. Is it stable? Do they have quality products? Do you have a wide market, or are you tied to Philippine market only? Are the products unique and exclusive to the company? How about the owners? Do they have experience in network marketing? Do they provide trainings? Do you see them in the office?

You need to acquire the skills and attract people to your networking business. But before that, choose the right company first so your efforts are not wasted.

This is like a car race, where the car is your company. Even if you are good in driving but your car has a problem, you will still reach the finish line slowly. What if your car stalled in the middle of the race? So, choose the right car first. Then, enhance your skills, because no matter how good your car is, if you don’t have the right driving skills, still, you will not reach the finish line.

How To Choose The Right MLM Company?

Choosing one of the Top MLM Companies – Who is Making Money?

If it’s all life-time network marketing professionals, or incredible leaders that were already wildly successful in the careers, it should be a huge red-flag. Those leaders will tell you wait 3-5 years to be successful, it takes time, we’re about to hit momentum, etc. This is a ginormous line of you-know-what in my opinion and if your goal is to make money, go elsewhere…it should be available much quicker than 3-5 years of decent effort. However, I do see the appeal of building a smart part-time income where you LOVE the product, and the money is secondary to your reason for building the business.

Choosing One of the Top MLM Companies - Does the Product Have MASS Appeal, Some Uniqueness to It, but most importantly…Does it have a good “story”?

There are so many products being marketed in the Network Marketing Industry, and a wide variety of services as well. Just down below I discuss the types of top MLM Companies and what we all should be looking for, but the one thing I have seen work the best is that the opening “Story” of the top MLM companies always has the ability to get a prospect to take a closer look at what you’re doing.
First, understand that MLM is not a person or an industry. It’s a METHOD OF DISTRIBUTION where you are the captain of your ship.
It’s a way for people to get paid in the deeper layers of a sales organization; and they should! People that get involved in linear sales like cars, alarms or real estate will never see residual, passive income. If your efforts create a chain reaction of sales, you should get a chain reaction of income. Right?

So, the justification for joining an MLM business has to come from a deep business common sense sheltered by prejudgment of the industry and how it really works.

Let’s Break Down the Top MLM Companies in 4 Major Categories:

1. The Old MLM Companies like Amway, Shaklee, Nu Skin, Avon, Herbalife, Morinda, Forever Living, Mary Kay etc. These companies have been around a long time and will be around forever. These MLM companies are very tough to grow now in my opinion. Many are bureaucratic, not progressive, and most have horrible compensation plans. Compensation plans that depend on you constantly recruiting wide DO NOT WORK for the masses in the MLM Industry anymore! If your compensation plan doesn’t promote TEAM, helping your downline forever with overrides for both parties…Look elsewhere! Binaries, and Hybrid-Binaries are the New Plans out there, and where people are having massive success.

2. The “good” companies that despite their good products never made it big. Their recruiting pitch is we are “stable,” we’ve been around a “long time,” we have a “great product,” BUT there is something either in their product or compensation plan or management or marketing strategy that just doesn’t jive. They are stuck and can’t move forward.

In reality they will never hit critical mass. If you are to make a lot of money in MLM, the top MLM Companies can reach critical mass early on, not 15 years from now. Look at the top MLM Companies sales figures and compare them to your company. Are they growing in double digit numbers annually? Is the market large enough to sustain massive upside growth? Is their product consumed often? Is the payout based on recruiting? All are important factors, but use your common sense to answer this one.

3. Companies owned by billionaires or people with a high degree of success in other industries. These are the MLM me-too, pretenders and wanna be’s. Many billionaires, Wall Street tycoons, commercial moguls and celebrities have tried to come in MLM. They think because they made it big before they can can easily be on of the top MLM companies. Its rarely ever happens!

They don’t get it. They do not have the right mentality for MLM, and they can’t relate to their distributors. Success in corporate America doesn’t always translate to being one of the top MLM companies. You need the HEART for it, not just the money.

4. Finally, here is my type of company. I like a company that is young, yet has everything in place to become the next icon in the industry. They have nailed the right product, comp plan, have good capital, great functions, ownership with an extensive MLM background, and the leadership to understand human nature and care for people.

So who do you listen to? The answer is YOU! If the product is good, it will sell. Roll in a killer comp plan, great marketing and great leadership behind a good product and how can you fail?

If this product is in the hands of the right company, there’s no one that can stop you, but yourself. If you have energy and passion, you can succeed. PASSION overcomes a lot of rejections! When your Passion becomes your Purpose, SUCCESS is the ONLY option!
Don’t get influenced by the naysayers, your negative friends or family, and focus on your “WHY”.
It will cost you a fortune and your career in Network Marketing if you allow doubt and negativity to creep into your mind.

You are the orchestrator of your own life decisions. This review of how to choose one of the top MLM Companies will only give you the right perspective without all the hyped-up crap you will read throughout the internet.

My suggestion is to stick to this industry, choose the right company and chase wealth and freedom!
“Don’t Ask for things to be easier, ask that you become better” ~ Jim Rohn
Read something positive everyday, focus on the activity not the results, make new connections often without expecting anything in return, and try to make someone's day…every day!

Goodluck to your success and I wish you all the best!

Photo Credit to mlm-thetruth.com

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