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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Why Is It so Hard for Some People to Make Money, yet so Easy for Others?

In this article, I will focus on a person’s ability to make and keep money, not if they had money from the get-go or not. First, we need to understand that money is not the cause—it’s the result of a combination of things. And it has got very little or nothing to do with intelligence.

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

People with a poor mindset believe in things like luck. Newsflash! There is no such thing as luck. Rich people know this. Luck is actually something you can create and is one of those things that separate the rich from the poor.

The Formula for Creating Luck and Money

1. Preparation

You need to develop yourself constantly, even if it’s just one percent per day. Normal activities still lead to results. Even reading 2-3 books about any specific topic makes you better than at least 95 percent of people out there. Can you imagine the advantage that gives you?

Reading is hard? That’s because you’ve never exercised that muscle. If you don’t exercise that muscle, it will deteriorate exactly like actual muscles. No time? Just read 20 pages per day. Reading 20 pages per day seems like a small and insignificant amount. After a week, it’s only 140 pages.

But here’s the kicker: after a year, you would have read 7,300 pages—that’s approximately 37 books! It’s more than the number of books the person next to you has read. I kick myself every day for not doing this earlier in my life.

2. Attitude

This is a big one. Actually, it should be number one because it stops people getting from where they are to where they want to be.

People with a poor mindset: They don’t think that they are responsible for their current situation. Instead, they have a sense of entitlement. The government should do this for me, or my employee should do that. For these people, the problem is always external; never is it their own fault. Note that I said people with a poor mindset, not specifically poor people.

Example: I can’t get a job because I’m too old, the economy is bad, or because of my foreign name.

People with a rich mindset: They take 100 percent responsibility for what they do in every step of the game; not 50 percent, but 100 percent. That means they need to change themselves before they can take over the world.

Example: If I want to get that job or start that business, I need to do whatever is necessary. I understand that normal activities lead to normal results. Therefore, I need to do things that other people aren’t prepared to do.

3. Opportunity

Once you address items 1 and 2, you will start seeing a change. Suddenly, there’s a huge amount of great opportunities around you. The funny thing is that they were always there. You just couldn’t see them before because you didn’t have the right attitude, and you needed to develop yourself.

Poor people are so focused on the negatives that they miss out on amazing opportunities. They often can’t even understand if an opportunity is good or bad because they have not developed themselves enough.

Rich people know that it’s impossible to be negative and positive at the same time. Thus, they choose to be positive so they can constantly see real opportunities around them.

4. Action

Everyone has seen his or her share of opportunities. It’s all around you. The last piece of the puzzle is action—you’ve got to take action once you are in front of an opportunity. People don’t take action for many reasons:
“I’m just so busy right now.” 
“I don’t have money.” 
“I don’t have an education.” 
“It’s not the perfect time right now.”
There will never be a perfect time or a perfect moment. You need to create it. You can always come up with excuses not to do great things.

Some of the excuses are valid, but here’s the thing: whatever reasons or excuses you give, and no matter how valid it is, it’s still going to be your own problem. It’s not going to be my problem, not your mother’s, father’s, employer’s or your friends’ problem. It’s just your problem.

What This Formula Has Done for Me

I think that most people stay poor because of their mindset. It’s hard to take the leap and face the possibility of failing. It’s much easier to just come up with excuses instead, or watch that ninth consecutive episode of The Sopranos. Truth be told, making money is quite easy.

I followed this very system I’ve just described and made more than $40,000 this year (so far). I also had more than 12 weeks of vacation this year. I wrote my first book, and I went from one to six income sources.

This is of course, in no way, an exhaustive list and explanation for why some are poor and some are rich, but it’s definitely a good start.

Said Moshtaghi

Source: MOBE - My Online Business Education

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