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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Leaders are censured when they make a move and when they don't.

Pleasant faultfinders attempt to help by indicating out disappointments and flaws, however disregard positive proposals.
"Tearing down makes dreadful pundits feel shrewd, intense, and right."


The hardest feedback to take is the one that is somewhat right. Most are incompletely right.

Feedback touches your identity, not disengaged practices, when you're a credible pioneer.

5 perils of criticism: 
  1. Losing yourself. Faultfinders need you to resemble them. When you act and think like them, they cherish you. Solid identities need you to attack the issue head-on, for instance, insofar as it's not their horns. 
  2. Isolation. 
  3. Self-defense. 
  4. Intensity. 
  5. Exact retribution. 
Changing criticism: 

Pain from criticism, just or out of line, changes pioneers.
"Devote yourself to development and improvement."
Criticism, even done inadequately, changes leaders. The sting of criticism given years prior still sticks to me, for instance. Those minutes transform me. Regularly, they humble me.

Anticipating criticism: 

Some criticism is preventable.

Connect with individuals early and regularly. Stay away from isolation. It's hard to reprimand the arrangement you played a part in making.

Pick partners painstakingly. Try not to give diligent faultfinders a seat at the table. I've seen pioneers attempt to quiet commentators by lifting them. Regularly, this procedure comes up short.

Welcoming criticism: 

Criticism is attractive and helpful, regardless of the possibility that it stings.

When you request that a few partners how be better, they'll let you know what's off-base. Take criticism to a helpful place by inquiring:
  1. What do you recommend? 
  2. How might I be better? 
  3. What do you need? 
Actualize helpful proposals from commentators rapidly and openly. Be known as a leader who learns and develops.


“Thank you,” points criticism toward useful ends.

In what manner may leaders get criticism without getting to be distinctly negative? 
What are some helpful approaches to handle being scrutinized?

Source: leadershipfreak

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