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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Are AIM GLOBAL products recommended by Doctors?

Some People are asking if our AIM GLOBAL products are recommended by Doctors.

Here is the answer...

Dr. ED Cabantog AIM GLOBAL's Visionary President/CEO, is one of the World Renowned Medical Doctors that recommends AIM Global products to his Clients.

All AIM Global products are Superbrands. Meaning, they perform above and beyond other brands. Most AIM Global products are included in The Philippines Pharmaceutical Directory PPD, an essential tool for Medical Practitioners for their daily clinical and hospital practice.

A true guarantee that AIM Global provides a safe, effective, and high quality line of products!

Here are the manufacturing partners of AIM Global for the benefits of all who asks where our products came from..

Overview:- If you want to know more about them, feel free to ask me:

1. Nature's Way®

• Multi-billion dollar per year American based company

• More than 50 years in the industry

• Leader in herbal medicine in the USA

• GMP certified

• HALAL and Kosher certified

2. DSM Bright Science. Brighter Living.™

• Multi-billion euro per year Switzerland-based company

• More than 70 years in the industry

• One of the largest suppliers of raw ingredients of nutritionals in the world

• Manufacturer of resVida and lycopene

3. AMS Life Science Co., Ltd.

• Multi-billion yen per year Japan-based company

• Manufacturer of Perfect White

4. Weider Global Nutirtion

• Multi-billion dollar per year U.S.-based company

• Over 70 years of expertise

• Pioneer of bodybuilding

That's the reason why AIM Global is the Number 1 Multi-Level Direct Selling Marketing Company in the World! MLM companies, NO. 1, legal, ethical, moral concern is health! Because "Health is wealth."

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