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Friday, November 25, 2016

How to keep our team

I noticed many people struggle to keep their team. I agree, that is not easy task, but there are some things that might help.

1. Make a bond 

Yes, this is business, but we are all only humans. :) We want relationship, secure, trust. So, in the beginning, we should try to get to know each other better. To ask about their motives, plans, expectations, about their life in generally. Give a personal touch. Be friendly.

2. Make a plan 

There are many, many new information's. That could be very confusing for new affiliates. Take it easy. Take one step at a time. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Right? No need to hurry anywhere. This is long term business. It is easiest to say: “Read this, read that, check this, check that….” But, that is not good enough. We should learn with them. Be sure that they know basics. We are responsible for good foundation. Later, they will build their business, brick by brick. 

3. Share

We should teach our team members everything we know. I mean everything. How to make their adds, where to advertise, how to advertise. They are not our competition. Every success they made is our success too. If you are experienced in auctions and games, share that experience with them. Help them to win too. Help them to grow.

4. Lead

We are leaders, not their bosses. It is very important how we communicate. Forget: “You must to do that.”, “I can’t help you.”, “I don’t know.”, “Never do that again.”…. We have to try to help them any way we can. To find out if we don’t know something. To advice, suggest rather than criticize.

5. Reward

We can reassign members to them... Use that. Show them that they and their hard work are appreciated. Because they are.

Have a nice day guys! 

Credit to: Marijana P. of SFI

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